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PearlComm Fiber

Powered by Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association

Gigabit Internet and Phone for rural Mississippi.

Pearl River Valley Electric is excited to offer world class fiber optic broadband internet service and phone service to our community. Follow the directions below to pre-register, but please remember this just lets us know you're interested in service. We encourage you to pre-register below with your Pearl River Valley Electric account number. (NOTE: Please don't use the hyphen in the account number) This is the best way for us to get news to you quickly! Your account number should be located on your most recent bill. If you can’t find your electric account number, please call us at 601-736-2666.

Enter your electric account number to check availability.

By entering your account number, address, and email, you'll be able to verify your account information, pre-register for future fiber service, and opt-in for future communication about the progress of the fiber rollout.

Not a current electric customer but interested in high-speed internet?